We create amazing Virtual Reality (VR) experiences and 360º content for business.

Welcome to Refresh VR, a division of Refresh Advertising. As an ad agency, we do whatever it takes to help our clients reach and engage with their customers. A while back we were looking for a way for a client to showcase their beautiful portfolio of spaces. Traditional pictures just weren’t cutting it. We had the idea to utilize 360° photography to showcase them in virtual reality (VR) and online.

We soon discovered that the image quality of the products out on the market weren’t of a high enough quality for business. Also, being from and advertising agency, we saw little attention to the User Interface (UI) and integration of the company’s branding in the experiences we found. Realizing a need in the market, we got to work.

We put together a team of photographers and developed methods to master the 360° photography at a high enough resolution it would seem life-like even inside a VR headset. We then turned to the UX and UI. Most 360° tours and experiences are either long, slow videos or cumbersome “google maps-style” click throughs that today’s audience just doesn’t have the patience for. So we created a menu-style experience that allows users to quickly and easily click in and out of spaces, focusing only on the areas of importance. Finally, our specialty, the branding. Most 360° tours and experiences for web and/or VR focus very little on the homepage and brand experience. We bring life to those areas utilizing our clients’ brand colors, icons, and images to create a UI that makes the user feel more “at home” and connected to the brand.

The result has been a VR tour experience that elevates the brand, pulls customers into their world, and helps companies sell. It’s ideal for any business looking to showcase a space or portfolio of spaces and photos alone won’t do it justice. Basically, it’s the perfect tool for:

  • Builders / Developers
  • Interior Designers
  • University / College (Campus Tours)
  • Wedding / Event Facilities
  • Real Estate (Commercial + High-End Residential)
  • Architecture / Landscape
  • Tourism – Hotels and Resorts
  • Assisted Living
  • Museums, Zoos, Parks
  • HR (Corporate Office Tours)
  • Private Jets / Yachts
  • Anyone Looking to Showcase Work in 360°

Showcase your projects, locations, and experiences with 360° photos and video.

Display your work and your company’s branding with a 100% custom VR homepage.

Impress customers with wireless Oculus headsets that are custom branded with your logo.

Refresh VR Package

– FREE Initial Consultation

– Branded VR APP Available in the Oculus Wireless Headsets (Downloadable for Offline Use – No WIFI Needed)

– Custom VR Homepage Experience with Brand Colors, Logos, Etc.

– Initial Location Scout/Meeting

– On-site Photographer Visit with up to 10 Final High Resolution 360° Images (Option for Additional Photos)

– A Custom-Branded Oculus Go Headset w/ Case for Easy and Safe Transportation (Option for Additional Headsets)

– Web/Mobile Version of VR Tour for use Without a Headset

360° Menu-Style Facility / Building Experience

360° Menu-Style Campus / Site Tour

360° Menu-Style Facility / Building Experience

360° Menu-Style Campus / Site Tour

360° Photo + Video Content Creation

As an ad agency, we create content of all kinds. Let’s create something memorable and impactful for your business. Let’s do a Google Maps Street View of your location or create an immersive 360° Facebook ad or YouTube pre-roll video. We have the tools and expertise to make it happen. We can even bring your customers into VR and provide a first-person perspective of your space, a special experience, or even your company culture. We specialize in developing creative new ways for you to tell your brand’s story to customers, fans, or prospective employees.

We can help you create 360° content and experiences for mobile and desktop websites, social media, and portable headsets like the Oculus Go and Oculus Quest.

Grab the attention of that new customer, close that new deal, or land that next great hire. When you can see the big picture, the possibilities are endless.

Let Us Create An Experience That Makes You Hard To Forget.

Complete the form below with your contact information and a brief description of your company/industry and things you may want to feature in 360°. We’ll get back to you ASAP with more information and pricing. We look forward to partnering with you.